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Singapore Airlines to fly A380 on 60-minute flight
The Airbus A380 is designed for long-haul flying, thanks to its hefty size and famously quiet inflight experience.

Italy reveals its new national airline
They've long dominated the food and fashion worlds, this year they've dominated sports, and now they're aiming for the skies.

Regenerative travel is protecting Colombia's coral reefs
San Andres is one of Colombia's most popular beach destinations in the country. Meet the local entrepreneur and diver who has been spearheading the island's regenerative tourism efforts since 2013.

$80M superyacht concept has a 'gaping hole'
Previous offerings include a yacht in the form of a swan and another devised to resemble a shark, but Lazzarini Design Studio's latest superyacht concept may be one of its most daring yet.

Airbus A380: Where to fly in a superjumbo as aviation returns
The Covid-19 pandemic threatened to render the A380 obsolete. But as international travel resumes, airlines including Singapore Airlines and British Airways are getting their superjumbos back into the sky.

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What can I get for free at Disney World? 10 freebies for your next trip
You can spend a lot of money at Walt Disney World, but these 10 things won't cost theme park visitors an extra dime.